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Nineteen Bird Species

Sighted at Autumn Birdwalk 

Nineteen bird species - winter visitors, year-round residents and some lingering summer birds - were seen and heard on the Mountains Group's birdwalk around Lake Gregory on November 15.

Click HERE for the full list with thumbnails and links to more info.

Ocean Garbage Patches

garbage in the oceanIn 2009, Project Kaisei explored plastic pollution in the North Pacific Gyre about 1,000 miles off California's coast.

In 2013, Angela Sun's award winning documentary Plastic Paradise further investigates this threat to our planet's oceans.

Plastic Paradise movie site
National Geographic - Choking the oceans
Ocean Plastic Dumps - Ocean Cleanup
Project Kaisei


Church of the Woods

COW has submitted a preliminary redesigned and reduced proposal to the County Planning Department.

There will be a public hearing on the new plans, unless the Church withdraws the project. If they decide to go forward with it, the Planning Dept will circulate the new plan.

According to Heidi Duron, Supervising Planner at SB County Planning Dept, there is no new information on the project.


January -
February 2015

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